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Bike it Out

April 27, 2010

So when me and my roommates decide to move off-campus this year, we ended up picking an apartment really close to school. The girls who lived there before mentioned that most days they would bike to campus because it was so easy. So when Christmas rolled around this year, I immediately put down a bike at the top of my wishlist. And Santa did not disappoint!

Coco was waiting for me right in front of the Yule Log when I woke up!

Since coming back to school, I have definitely put this baby to use! I ride it almost every day at least once a day. Most of the time, it takes me less time to bike to school than drive because I don’t have to worry about driving around trying to find parking.

I found this article from Self magazine that outlined some of the main reasons I love biking.

From my post yesterday, you may remember Map My Run and you might be happy to know they also have Map My Ride! I decided to play around with this and see how far I biked today. This morning I biked from my house to the gym and back. Then I biked to school and back this evening. Total, I racked up five miles. Now this may not seem a lot but accumulated over time, not only am I saving gas (and by default, saving the Earth!), I’m also getting some exercise in.

Unfortunately, I’m not always able to ride my bike because I don’t like to when it’s dark outside and some days I have heavy camera equipment to transport from the house to school but when I can, I definitely opt for the bike over the SUV.

My two rides.

Question: Do you guys ever bike places? And if you do, do you where a helmet?

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  1. April 28, 2010 1:47 am

    biking is sooooo fun and great exercise too 🙂 i love the basket on your bike! too cute

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