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Revisit old loves

May 1, 2010

There was a time when I lived on stage. The moment I stood on two feet, I was taken to dance classes. Then, I attended an arts magnet school for elementary school, where I fell in love with musical theater. I remember my first show distinctly: I got to play Mary (who had a little lamb) in our Mother Goose skit. I was scared to death and barely got my words out, but that scared-to-death feeling was one that I grew to crave. It kept me auditioning and performing for fifteen long years. Up until I came to college, my life involved a whole lot of this:

I stayed up late at tech rehearsals, learned how to do my homework in between scenes, and balanced script reading with English lit on the daily. Deciding not to pursue theatre once I came to college was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to face. It’s always been my greatest passion but I did not have the confidence nor drive to pursue it wholeheartedly for the rest of my life. But as I’m sure you know, when something is a part of your life for that long, there’s no way you can (or should) ever give it up completely.

This past weekend, I traded in the bar scene to see some scenes! Last night we saw my school’s production of the Broadway hit, Rent. Tonight, I went and saw my sorority sister in a one-act called The Thugs. Seeing shows is always bittersweet for me. I love love love going out to the theatre, but always leave feeling really nostalgic. While I know I could never have devoted myself fully to studying acting by itself, I know that I have to get back to doing shows in the future.

I’m so excited to finally live in NYC this summer to get to go to so many shows and keep theatre a big part of my life. So my tip to you is keep up those passions that have always brought you joy and always make sure to find time to revisit them, even if it’s just a little bit every now and then!

Question: Do you have something that you did growing up but had to abandon once other things started to conflict?  What do you do to keep up with the things that you love?

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  1. May 3, 2010 6:42 pm

    love this girl. used to play the piano, started when I was 6 but when we moved to Maryland couldn’t find a teacher. I used to be so talented and it makes me so sad to wonder how good I could have been if I had continued. It made me so happy and calm. Glad you got to see some scenes 🙂

  2. Katherine: What About Summer? permalink
    May 5, 2010 8:35 pm

    I love looking at old pics and renewing old passions. I so encourage you to pick it back up!

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